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Scrabble -


Pick seven letters from the bag and see what words you can make by crossing words already on the board .

Try to make the most of the premium squares on board and add up the scores on the letters.

At the end of the game the highest score wins.

Every word count when you are playing the words most popular game.

It is richly rewarding yet simple game .Ideal for the excitement of a head to head challenge or to relax with family and friends.

SCRABBLE is fascinating,mind sharpening entertainment every time you play.

Content In the box;


100letters tiles

Cotton tile bag

Rules sheet

Playing sheet

Playing board





The Worlds Most Popular Board Game

*The Fast Dealing Property Trading Game

Tower the city for the hottest properties: sites, airport and utilities are up for grabs.

Invest in houses and hotels, then watch rent come pouring in!

Make deals with other  players and look out for bargains at auction.There are many ways to get what you want.Stay sharp -because  there's only room at  the top for one.For  everyone else , there's only  room at the top for one.For every else , there's bankruptcy.

So get on the Go and trade your way to success

Contents in the box:

Game board,6tokens,28Title Deeds,16chance cards,16community chest cards,1pack of Monopoly money,32houses,12hotels,2dice and instructions.